This will be the home to the cultural revolution of audacious forgiveness of ignorance.  The only cure is understanding and we need to understand each other.  The only way we can do that is if we are dangerously forgiving of each other’s errors and ignorance.  No matter how far that ignorance goes, if we try to FORCE understanding and acceptance we will turn ignorance to faith .  If humanity put’s it’s faith in ignorant closed ended views, we will destroy our future.  If we reach out to hate, we will be damaged by it’s influence, but we must be kind and bold and steady.  Our futures are not bound to be that of strife and anguish. We needn’t visit that place of blind hatred, forever lost in a fog of disdain based on generations of confused mistrust.  Take up hands not arms and hold them up together as one humanity. It starts by forgetting what we think we know and beginning to let the past wounds heal by moving onward towards our goals together.  It might help if we had some major goals to accomplish together.  What say you?  Shall we proceed together into a brave new future?